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Programming Consciousness


Working with Lori Has Changed My Life

Working with Lori as a coach has enabled me to get in touch with parts of me that I didn’t know existed. I didn’t think I could feel inside my body when I started with her, one session provided me with an invaluable tool that proved I actually could feel. She is an extraordinary teacher who not only provides you with the information but teaches you the tools needed and how to apply them to your life in your own unique way. She has an innate way of questioning that leads to self-discovery. She led me back to parts that I had forgotten about and to parts that I had been totally unaware of. Lori shared in my excitement of discovery as if it was her own and then led me on to discover more.
Talking with Lori is like talking with a good, kind and understanding friend. She was respectful of my time and resources and gave me her full attention, at times recalling things from previous sessions that showed she was truly focused during our time in sessions. She provided me with the encouragement and challenges I needed to develop as a better person and enjoy a more fulfilling life.
With the information, tools, and expertise she provided, I am well on my way to creating the success and life I really want to live. Working with her has changed my life in ways I hadn’t even imagined.  I think everybody needs a Lori.

– Linda T – Canada

Lori Helped Me Piece the puzzle Together

Knowing my friend and personal coach is exactly that. It is a knowing. Knowing that this person genuinely cares about you and your well-being. Knowing that she wants more than anything to see you succeed and achieve your dreams. Know that the journey you’re on isn’t easy and Lori will be the one to guide you through this gracefully and with compassion. It doesn’t mean that she will sugarcoat anything to make you feel better. Her passion is to help and see you achieve everything you’ve been striving for all your life but haven’t been able to make it happen. Lori helped me piece the puzzle together with her sage wisdom. If you’re ready to be honest with yourself and do the work, my friend of greater than 30 years will help you find the answers you need to live the life you truly want!

– Beth McCoun

Lori’s coaching style is a winning

Working with Lori has been an incredibly positive and transformative experience. Her coaching sessions were
not only helpful, but also clear and focused. She had a knack for understanding my needs and goals and was
able to provide guidance and support in a way that resonated with me.
What stood out to me the most was her empathy and genuine care for my well-being. Lori created a safe and
non-judgmental space where I felt comfortable opening up and exploring my challenges and aspirations. Her
empathetic approach allowed me to gain deeper insights into myself and my circumstances, leading to
meaningful personal growth.
I also appreciated her good sense of humor, which added a lightness and joy to our sessions. Laurie is able to
find the right balance between serious reflection and lightheartedness, making our coaching sessions not only
productive but also enjoyable.
I highly recommend her to anyone seeking guidance and support. Lori’s coaching style is a winning
combination of being helpful, clear, positive, empathetic, and infused with a good sense of humor.
She truly made a positive impact on my life, and I am grateful for the opportunity to have worked with her.
– Lana Kis – Germany

Lori Makes Me Feel Complete By Educating

Lori is an authentic, caring coach. She is sincere to help. I went to her for an issue I was facing, however, after speaking to me she said what I am going through is the surface and we needed to go into the root of the issue. She was fully committed to serving and she gives her full attention with attentive listening. Even though we are 12 hours time difference, she would set aside the committed time. She is generous at heart, sharing her experiences and she is like a modern-day Mary Poppins cause whenever I shared about issues I was facing, she will “pull out” something from the computer and give me within seconds. She is amazing. She gives the right “magic” for whatever I was facing. She is kind with no judgment. She explains clearly what is happening and readily explains again if I do not understand. That’s patience! I have grown to understand myself better through her. The difference with her and other coaches who worked with me is that she wants to help understand why it’s so important for me to reach the goal by rediscovering myself, my beliefs and aligning my intentions. While other coaches got me to the goal with various tools and skill sets, I still felt incompetent about myself. Lori makes me feel complete by educating and uncovering what’s true to me. With that knowledge, I understand the reason for reaching the goal or make it smoother for me to reach it and I felt more confident and the REAL me. I believe whoever works with her will be a better version of themselves. I am grateful for her. Thanks Lori! You Rock!
 – Corina Tennakoon – Singapore

It was clear that she was listening

Lori Hoene came along when I was lost. Completely lost. I lost my job when I was close to retirement but not quite ready. And just as bad, I was confused about what I wanted out of life in general. I remember her asking me, what do you want? What do you love? I had no idea to either of those questions. That’s what she had to work with. A mess.  Lori reached down and pulled me from the abyss. She met with me faithfully every week, on time, and always prepared. It was clear that she was listening to me, sometimes recalling things I had said that even I had forgotten. She takes notes.  She guides you. She does not tell you what to do but enables you through thoughtful queries to discover who you are and what you are all about, and perhaps more importantly for me, I was then able to know where I wanted to go. After a few weeks I felt like I was facing my fears (she has a knack for making you do this) and then I began to know what I wanted and loved.  Oh, and she is super smart. She has done the work needed to help people like you and me. I needed help with getting on with my life business-wise and on a personal level. I think the work we did together helped with both. Money well spent. In my opinion, everyone needs a coach. If you want to help yourself and are willing to do the work, Lori is an excellent guide.  
 – Dr. Henry Bohler, Dec 2021

Very Insightful

Over the past few months I have had the opportunity to work with Lori Hoene as my coach. Lori’s approach to coaching had a very engaging impact for me. Her range of knowledge and experience were evident in the way she created an environment of inquiry that led to very pragmatic self-discovery for me. She was disciplined about the schedule and well prepared. Lori did an amazing job of maintaining the focus on me and was able to connect very quickly to the issue(s) at hand. Her guidance and navigation as a coach was very insightful and many times led me to discover, analyze and devise solutions quickly and effectively. Overall, I had a very positive experience and was able to walk away with an enriched sense of self-awareness and consciousness as it related to the way I think, feel, and act across a diverse range of business situations.  — Sincerely, Rajan Nagaarajan

It Was A Great Experience

Lori coached me for 3 months and it was a great experience. She is an exceptional intuitional listener, often shocking me with her insights into my emotions that I did not think I had expressed in my voice. Using this incredible listening gift, she guided me to much higher levels of self-awareness than I would have achieved on my own.
— Garry Davies, President of Surrey Tools, Inc.

Lori Is A Pleasure To Work With

As a prior airborne infantryman, small business is not my strong point. Lori was the missing puzzle piece when it came to establishing and laying the foundation of Hoosier Hills Hatcheries LLC. She has put forth a viable effort to ensure the success of my business without regard to her own personal time. Her selflessness and vast knowledge of small business have far surpassed my expectations. Lori is a pleasure to work with and has energetically met the needs of my business. From my experience a person could and should expect from Lori a great deal of respect, experience and knowledge. However, the best quality trait from Lori (in my opinion) is her willingness to tell you what you need to hear verse what you want to hear. I look forward to doing business with Lori in the future as HHH continues to grow, and in future business adventures.
— Brandon Dones, Infantryman at US Army

Talking With Lori Is Talking With A Best Friend

Talking with Lori is talking with a best friend. There is no judgement and she’ll tell you how it is so the old you doesn’t hold back the new you. She facilitates the conversation in a way that allows it to go the direction it’s meant to go. One thing I enjoy most about my conversations with Lori is the overwhelming feeling that she already knows how great someone is but the way she asks questions helps a person realize this on their own. She’s never pushed me to believe one way or the other but rather offers insights and perspectives that help increase my own understanding of what I believe and who I am, not only for myself but for others. She has no problem asking the difficult questions because it’s often the difficult questions that release the most healing answers. If you want to be your best, I truly believe Lori has passion for helping you reach your goals and power through your challenges.
— Jordan Burk, The Point, Acupuncture

She Has A Wealth of Knowledge To Share

Lori presented a session that focused on understanding oneself and how our thoughts and perceptions create our reality at our annual PhD student retreat. Lori is a dynamic presenter and comments from our students included: *this session reminded me of how important it is to have a positive attitude and outlook when I begin the dissertation phase. *One of my favorite sessions at the retreat was Ms. Hoene’s you leading you through the PhD process. Ms. Hoene’s you leading you session was such a great reminder that we need to sometimes step away from the task and focus on our attitude. We reflected on how our thoughts can become a self-fulling prophecy. This is something we know, but do not often practice. I left her session feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. Not only would I recommend Lori, but I would ask her to present on another topic at one of our retreats. She has a wealth of knowledge to share.
— Lavena Wilkin, Director, PhD and Graduate Management Programs

She is Committed to Helping Others Achieve

Lori is a gifted professional coach. She is extremely insightful and able to bring clarity to even the most complex situations. She truly enjoys helping people recognize their potential and break through the mental and emotional barriers that may be preventing them from accomplishing their goals. She is committed to helping others achieve their professional objectives and live their best life.
— Tammy Kaelin, Project Management Professional

I Highly Recommend Lori

Lori is passionate to help you understand your potential personally and professionally. She is insightful and has the ability to ask questions allowing discovery of your own path. She wants the best for you; that you can be. She has that special ability to make you feel important and at the same time challenge your thought processes. Lori has a wealth of business knowledge and experience that gave us clarity for our business plan. She truly cares about you and wants you to have your best life. She partners with you for success. I highly recommend Lori for anyone who seeks clarity and direction both personally and professionally.
—Karen Engel, Triple Crown Horse Feed Rep