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Coaching Services

Having a coach is truly like putting a destination into your GPS Navigation and hitting the start button.

One on One Coaching

While the modern trend is for Coaching to be in a group format, I find that clients who are attracted to my style of coaching want and prefer 1-1 coaching. This is because not everyone will feel comfortable being vulnerable in a group setting. Personal Coaching allows my clients to share the necessary information in a confidential setting and creates a web of safety for them. When clients feel safe, we can explore the subconscious blocks that might not have come up in a group setting or environment.

NOTE: Sessions are done through zoom or phone.

Energy Psychology

Recently, I have incorporated Energy Psychology into my coaching practice to bridge the gap between the left-brained business model and the intuition of business decisions and operations. I have found that merging the traditional work of Conscious coaching with Energy Psychology creates a more evolved template for success. I will help you to use what you already know consciously and demonstrate how to identify your subconscious blocks that you may not have even been aware of.

NOTE: Only available through zoom sessions

Navigating Life Today

Session 1

It’s not “WHAT” we do in life that makes us GREAT, it’s “HOW”  we do it. 

Speaking/Educating Engagements

I have worked with several businesses, presenting training and workshops. The subject matter I have spoken or taught on ranges from business leadership, accountability, business organization, and one of my favorites – The Neuroscience of the business brain. As we shed more light on this topic, business owners are beginning to realize how to utilize Neuroscience as a way of gaining more clarity, increasing productivity, and creating amazing cultures to work in.

Employee Training/Workshops

In these exciting workshops and training, your employees will learn how to identify their subconscious blocks to become more productive, feel more engaged, and become congruent with the mission of your company.

Contact me for more information regarding specialized topics, presentations, or guest speaker


This expedites results when you allow someone to follow you around for a day, strictly observing your communication skills, behaviors, and actions.  The feedback information is priceless!

The most important investment you can  make is in yourself

When what you’re doing is no longer working – let’s take it to the next level


  • Prioritize effectively
  • Believes in you
  • Experience new mindsets
  • Helps to see your blind spots
  • See outside influences
  • Challenges you
  • Re-enforces your strong points
  • Here when you need us
  • Points out patterns of disruptive behaviors
  • Break routines that don’t serve you
  • MAPS out the next right step
  • Sets goals
  • Offers complete CONFIDENTIALITY
  • Supportive
  • Someone keeping you accountable
  • Offers guidance
  • Shares knowledge and expertise
  • Identifies limiting beliefs that get in the way
  • Motivates you when necessary
  • Sees your potential
  • Brings a different perspective
  • Helps you overcome obstacles
  • Assists in shaping your ideas
  • Reflects back your positive attributes

When would having a coach be a bright idea…

RESEARCH SHOWS the ADVANTAGES of having a BUSINESS COACH, it is like being given a short-cut to reaching your goals

  • Having any kind of business
  • Creating more balance in life
  • Gaining greater control over your schedule
  • Improving leadership skills
  • Things just are NOT going quite right
  • Changes in business/company
  • Taking things to the next level
  • Learning better listening skills
  • Feeling stuck
  • Becoming more organized
  • Feeling overwhelmed
  • Drained in general
  • Changing emotional responses
  • Want change and don’t know how

Most all successful business owners/entrepreneurs have a Coach-Mentor

Does this sound like you…

  • Are you an Entrepreneur, Business Owner, or Self-Employed?
  • Are you ready to take your business to the next level?
  • Are you willing to re-wire your business brain for success?
  • Are you Coachable, ready for change, and action-oriented?

If you said “YES” to these questions, then it’s a good chance that you’re like one of the many business owners that I have helped over the years.