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Lori Hoene Certified Coach Logo
Lori Hoene Certified Coach Logo

It is not “WHAT” we do in life that makes us “GREAT”, it is “HOW” we do it.


My PASSION is collaborating and connecting clients with who they truly are, so they can make the best decisions for themselves.


Being a part of collaborating with clients to reach their desired goals, so that they live a deeper, more fulfilling life.

Personally, spending countless hours gaining clarity into my own thoughts, feelings, belief systems, as well as my own actions, allows me to better understand and serve you.

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iPEC Certified Professional Coach
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Executive Press Release:


Louisville, KY ‒ Lori Hoene is being recognized by Continental Who’s Who as a Trusted Certified Coach for her dedicated work in the field of Professional Coaching.

As a Certified Coach, Ms. Hoene guides her clients towards self-awareness and making decisions that are best for them. She has a background as a Certified Coach since 2015 and Entrepreneur for over 30 years.

Her expertise is in identifying blockages and blind spots that her clients have. Once they are aware, they can work to improve their futures. She believes that we must first find out who we are in order to live life true to ourselves. Her motto is, “Life isn’t about ‘finding’ pieces of a puzzle. It’s about creating and putting those exceptional pieces together.”

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Ms. Hoene loves to work with clients who are ready to invest in themselves, take accountability, and be open-minded and action-oriented about change. She has helped many people become more in tune with their mind, body, and action connection, raising their self-awareness, and overcoming resistance. She is currently offering group education, facilitator/educator education, speaking engagements, and one-on-one personalized sessions.

She has recently given a talk on Close Up Radio, where she discusses figuring out who you are, pulling herself out of a dark period in her life, and studying neuroscience to rewire the brain. She said, “As an Impact Coach I wholeheartedly encourage people to go beneath the surface and meet yourself, figure out who you really are, YOUR beliefs, YOUR values, YOUR purpose, etc.; not societies or someone else’s beliefs and values that have been imposed on you.”

In her free time, Ms. Hoene enjoys being around water, boating, paddle boating, jet skiing, and walking with her dog, Solace.